Ad Astra Per Aspera -Steve D. Wilson EP

Steve D. Wilson's "As Astra Per Aspera" is an authentic EP that showcases the dynamic talent of this longtime Operation Encore artist and lead singer of the Black Doves. Produced in March of 2019, it tells the story of regret, retrospection, and redemption through the songs of someone who has experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows. From the driving beat of "Cheyenne" to the soaring ballad of "Worth It", it begs to start the stream and keep it on repeat.


Straight Toward Love -Rachel Harvey Hill EP


Produced in January of 2019, “Straight Toward Love” is the debut OE album for long-time OE artist Rachel Harvey Hill. This five song EP is filled with heartfelt songs about love and loss, written from experiences gained from life as a military spouse. It contains five yet-to-be released songs, “Like Lightning”, “Finish Line”, “Headed Straight Toward Love”, “Could You Have Been Mine” and “The Beating of Your Heart”.


White Mache - Andrew Wiscombe


A former sniper, Andrew wrote this song on Memorial Day to serve as an authentic version of the typical patriotic war song. Thanks to our fan's generous donations, we were able to record the song this October after Andrew played it live during a concert at the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, CA. An incredible storyteller, Andrew's song will make a deep impression that will stay with you. 
Watch the lyric video and live versions, then purchase White Mache at all the regular sites. Visit to listen to more of his great music.

Coming Back to Texas - Steve D Wilson


Produced in October of 2018, "Coming Back to Texas" is a song dedicated to the life, magic and memory of Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Written by long-time OE artist Steve D Wilson, it’s captivating melody draws out memories and emotion that begs you to stick in on repeat.



Bold Enough to Try - Jerry Maniscalco EP


Produced in May of 2018, "Bold Enough to Try" is Operation Encore's second single-artist album, featuring long-time OE artist Jerry Maniscalco. This 5-track album features studio-quality updates to "Wake Up" and "We Are", the unofficial Operation Encore anthem. It also contains classic Jerry originals "Riverside", "Don't Kill the Messenger" and "Gypsy Blood". If you haven't already discovered Jerry Maniscalco, this is a great place to start. Listen to the album, grab it at the links above, then watch for Jerry Maniscalco concerts in the Jacksonville, FL area. 



Longing for the Hills - Stephen Covell EP 


Produced in the Summer of 2017, "Longing for the Hills" is Operation Encore's first single-artist album.    Read the online review here:  "...His impressive background notwithstanding, Stephen Covell's new five-song release is a testimony to the talent that is sometimes hidden within the most unlikely people. And with the five tracks on the new release being different from one song to the next, that talent really shines in this release. Having already released several other albums thus far, this five-song EP would be a great place to discover this talented singer-songwriter."





Produced in 2016, "Monuments" is the second album produced by Operation Encore.  Monuments introduced the talents of Logan Vath, Meghan Richards, Doug Lane and Andrew Wiscombe, while bringing back OE veterans Stephen Covell, Tom Abbott, Chris Kurek, Rachel Harvey Hill, Jerry Maniscalco, Matt Stake, Robert Raymond and Steve Wilson.



Operation Encore Vol 1


"Operation Encore" was our first collaboration album—the beginning of OE. Produced in Fall 2014, the album is comprised of 16 original songs from 11 singer-songwriters from across the military and veteran communities.  Artists included Stephen Covell, Tom Abbott, Rachel Harvey Hill, Chris Kurek, Steve Wilson, Theresa Denofre, Matt Stake, Brett Cato, Jerry Maniscalco, Rob Raymond, and Keith Broecker.