SupPORT OpeRation Encore

Music is a powerful medium, and the music we make is genuine and inspired by personal experience in service.

Help us make more!

Your donation will allow us to provide more opportunities to talented musicians from across the veterans and military communities in the following areas:

Education and Training

Live Performances  (w/ Travel Expenses)

Marketing, Advertising, and Distribution of Original Music

Professional Networking

Studio Time

Talent Development

...and much more!


Operation Encore is currently transitioning to non-profit status under section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. Contributions made while the IRS application is under review will be retroactively considered tax-deductible once we are granted tax-exempt status. Once this occurs, we will notify all of our patrons so they can take advantage of the tax benefits of their donation. In the unlikely event we are not granted tax-exempt status before next year's filing deadline, contributions will not be tax deductible.