About Us

Operation Encore (EIN 82-2192094) is a non-profit collaboration of singer-songwriters and musicians from across the veteran and military communities.  Our organization focuses on two primary goals. First, Operation Encore provides opportunities and talent development for selected artists aspiring to take their music to a professional level. Second, we provide a unique service to the public, helping to bridge the gap between reality and public perception of veterans through the powerful medium of original music. We seek out talent from across the military and veteran communities, and offer selected artists unique opportunities, including  professional networking  education and training, live performances, marketing, advertising, talent development, studio time, distribution of music, and much more.           

We named this project Operation Encore to emphasize that life following military service is limitless. Veterans can go back to school, start new careers, open businesses, run for public office, and even become rock stars!   Music is a powerful medium, and the music we make is genuine and inspired by personal experience in service.



Who We Are

Board of Directors & Advisory Board

Corporate Sponsors

Operation Encore is extremely grateful for all the generous support and contributions we have received since our inception as a 501(c)3 in 2018. With the help of our donors and corporate sponsors, we’ve been able to enhance several projects that have helped veteran musicians share their music, tell their stories, pay for studio time, work with professional producers, and take the next steps in their music careers. We are especially thankful for the following corporate sponsors, who have been extremely generous in their support to Operation Encore:

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Gold Border Supporters

In the military, a golden border is often placed around a ribbon to distinguish its special quality or denote an additional achievement over and above the ribbon’s basic criteria. We use the same golden border to designate those special donors who have gone “over and above” in their individual support to Operation Encore. Oak leaf clusters indicate multiple annual “gold border” donations.

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