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Who we are

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Operation Encore is a non-profit veterans organization that provides opportunities for veteran and active duty singer-songwriters and musicians to take their music to the next level through artist development, professional recording, and industry-focused educational services.  We seek out talent from across the military and veteran communities to produce and highlight their original music and provide opportunities to showcase their talents and advance their careers.  OE has been featured on numerous print, television, and radio media outlets and has played live shows across the country and overseas.  As we advance the careers of our artists, we also help bridge the gap between the public perception of veterans and reality by using the powerful medium of their original music.





We take talented veteran musicians and link them up with professionals in the industry.   From producers, to promoters, and successful, established musicians, we give them the connections they need to take the next step in their careers.  


We provide numerous opportunities for veteran artists to showcase their talents.   From compilation albums for those just getting noticed to full EPs for established artists looking for their big break.   We work with numerous corporate sponsors, concert promoters, and other veteran agencies to book individual and group concerts to highlight our talent.


We provide a customized plan for each of our artists.  From songwriting workshops, to social media tips, and advise from successful musicians across the country....from those just entering the music industry to established, professional musicians, we take our artists to the next level and help them realize their dreams.

WHAT WE DO FOR fans and promoters


Operation Encore 2016 Album Release Concert



We provide veteran musicians for local concerts, events, music festivals, individual name it.  We also provide a way to give back to the military community --- by allowing one, or a group of our veterans to highlight their talents boost their musical careers.    The music we help our veterans produce is original, genuine, heartfelt, and professional. 


We provide an opportunity to partner with us to advocate for veterans through the genuine power of their original music.  

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How You Can Help

We named this project Operation Encore to emphasize that life following military service is limitless.  Veterans can go back to school, start new careers, open businesses, run for public office, and even become rock starts!  Music is a powerful medium, and the music we make is genuine and inspired by personal experience in service.  Your donation will help us continue to provide numerous services for our talented veteran musicians, including:

- Education and Training  

- Live Performances

- Networking  

- Marketing

- Advertising

- Distribution 

Help us take spread our love of music and support to talented veterans.   Donate today.