about Theresa denofre:


Theresa Denofre was born in the Philippines and grew up as a Navy brat. Theresa began her music career very early. At age four she began to play piano, and by junior high, she demonstrated great vocal talent. Eventually, Theresa branched out musically and developed an interest in stringed instruments. In high school she picked up both cello and ukulele. Fortunately, her Ukulele is small enough to accompany her on deployment, so she has had the opportunity to practice and write music from anywhere.

During college Theresa worked in ROTC and was able to earn an engineering scholarship from the organization. She found that she liked the camaraderie and opportunities ROTC provided. In 2008, she joined the Air Force and currently works as an Air Battle Manager on the E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System. As an active duty officer, she often performs with just her ukulele and pre-recorded music on Ableton Live.    

 A huge fan of Lady Gaga and Evanescence, Theresa draws inspiration from island acoustics and sultry vocals of female artists. Her song “Your Lullaby” was the first song she ever wrote and completed. The song offers multiple vocal harmonies stretched over soft ukulele strumming, it is a simple love song evocative of the greatest female artists of long ago.