About Steve D. Wilson:

At age eight Steve Wilson had his first brush with music in the way of a less-than-bad-ass violin that belonged to his late great aunt. Though he didn’t commit to the violin, the musical spark was lit, and Steve began his journey through life with his passion for music by his side. As he tested the artistic waters with everything from musical theater to choir and guitar, his love for music evolved into a creative outlet.

Steve spent a few years at University of Wyoming, but found himself floundering. He moved to Texas, and after a quick meeting with an Army recruiter, Steve decided that the Army was a good place for him. Steve served in the Army for more than four years before he returned to college and joined ROTC. Eventually he swapped his Army bearing for an Air Force flight suit. Steve spent 16 years as an army paratrooper, and then as a B-52 electronic warfare instructor. He now lives in Dallas Texas with his wife and four children.

With an eclectic taste in music, ranging from the hard rock of Nothing More to the dreamy melodies of Sigur Ros, Steve has created a unique style all his own. Steve’s talent as a lyrists and passion for acoustic guitar shine through in his single “Cold Steel Rain.” The emotionally raw stripped down acoustic sound alternates between gritty and tender, with a powerful heart-rending soulfulness.