About Rob Raymond


Rob grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia surrounded by music. The son of a piano teacher and a guitarist, he began his music career as a drummer, occasionally going to local jazz clubs with his mother to sit in with the house band. He picked up one of his father’s guitars at age 12, learned a few chords and took off from there. Thanks to his parents (and MTV), Rob was influenced by a variety of styles growing up, including blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass, and classical. He carried his passion for music through
college at Boston University and into the Air Force, which he entered in 1998.

An active-duty Air Force officer, Rob has served all over the world as an F-16 pilot in both peacetime and combat. Regardless of where the military has sent him, he has always brought his guitar—his Taylor 514CE is “combat proven” in Kuwait and Iraq.

Rob sees music as both a way to unwind and as a creative outlet, and music continues to be a driving force in his life. In 2014 he founded Operation Encore, along with Erik Brine and Chris Kurek, as a way for military and veteran songwriters to share their talent. Rob is currently stationed in Europe with his wife and three kids.