about Rachel Harvey Hill:

A musician inspired by her Kentucky roots and a deep commitment to her faith, Rachel Harvey Hill is a supportive military spouse and mother. She began her love for music as a child; Rachel sang with her family and at church, and through a great deal of support and encouragement has developed into a talented vocalist and guitarist.

Rachel feels inspired by many artists within all genres, but more than anything, she draws inspiration from her family and loved ones. “Another Trip Around the Sun” was written as an anniversary gift for her husband. Rachel recounts experiences she and her husband shared throughout their marriage. She subtly reminds listeners to be grateful of every “trip around the sun.” With bright peaceful guitar strumming and melodic verses punctuated by a light tambourine, the song has a feeling of embrace, like the familiar comfort of a loved one’s arms. The sunny guitar strumming segues and the song takes on a darker mood, as she admits the emotional trial of loving someone away at wartime, but she holds on to the steady optimism, a necessary strength of enduring love in a time of war.