about keith broecker:


Keith Broecker discovered a cheap souvenir guitar exiled to the back of his brother’s closet when he was 12. A curiosity boiled inside him as he plucked the strings for the first time. Eventually, that fascination developed into a hobby, and after experiencing the rush of a live performance at his local community college, Keith became passionate about creating music.

Like many pilots, Keith dreamed of flying since he was young. When he saw the USAF Thunderbirds fly over Grant Park in Chicago in the summer of 1991, his vision for the future solidified, and he knew the Air Force would be part of his dream. Keith was a U-2 pilot and flew many other aircrafts during his time in the service. After living all over the United States as an Air Force officer, he retired and settled down in California with his family.

Iron Maiden’s musical and lyrical talent greatly influenced Keith since adolescence. And though he claims his talent can’t be compared, his song “Late November” is a high-energy journey that tours listeners with a fast paced acoustic guitar, full of intricate picking and layered with a skillful solo that you’d hear from Adrian Smith.