About JOe Beasley

Joe was born in Valdosta, Georgia, and grew up traveling around Europe as a military dependent.  His family was heavily involved in theater and gospel music, and as such he was surrounded by musical influences both internal and external.  After spending time with piano and brass instruments in middle and high school, Joe sat down on a ragged set of drums that belonged to his brother and found the instrument he fell in love with.  Endless hours rewinding and slowing down cassette tapes of his favorite artists helped form a rough basis of rhythmic tools, and he further refined his playing as a member of a multitude of cover bands since that time.

Joe graduated High school in 1983 and was saved from his severe lack of focus by an appointment to the Air Force Academy.  To escape the daily harassment of freshman life there, he joined the USAFA Choir, and got to travel the country singing and playing drums.  After graduation Joe served in combat as a Forward Air Controller with 82nd Airborne during Operation Desert Storm, and as an F-16 Pilot for Operations Southern and Northern Watch.  He culminated his 20 year military career as an F-16 Instructor Pilot in November, 2011.  While his military career kept him busy, Joe always found time to stay engaged with music.

While Joe’s musical influences are diverse, ranging from Vivaldi to Metallica, his biggest sources of enjoyment are early progressive rock and the Seattle sounds of the ’90‘s.  Joe and his family live in Litchfield Park, Arizona, where he works as a pilot for Southwest Airlines.