Doug was born on a Navy base in Florida and raised in a naval town in south Texas. He began piano lessons at an early age, and quit them shortly thereafter. But after realizing his total lack of athletic prowess, Doug returned to music, discovering that girls also liked guys who could play and sing. A sly Army recruiter convinced him to audition for the Army bands as a saxophonist. He enlisted in 2000 and was assigned to the 1AD Band in Germany, where he met his wife who was also a soldier. In 2003, 1AD (including the band) was deployed to Iraq. They were assigned to the Baghdad International Airport and had many opportunities to perform concerts for the troops, ceremonies for the officers, and guard duty. Lots of guard duty.

After the Army, Doug began working as a music and youth pastor in churches in Michigan and Texas. New to Operation Encore, his song "Faces" was inspired by his grandfather, also a veteran.

He currently lives in Provo, Utah with his wife, four kids, and dog and is working to establish a new congregation there. He enjoys the challenge of finding a good cup of coffee.