About Chris Kurek:

Chris Kurek began his music career at 16 as a lead singer in a band with friends. Looking back at the early days, Chris admits that his craft was not as polished as he would have liked, but the endeavor was exciting, so he embraced the opportunities to perform at junior high dances and jam with friends. Since then, Chris has continued to practice and develop musically. Inspired by Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Earle, he believes that great music is a balance of interesting storytelling and high-energy composition. 

One fateful day when Chris was twelve, he attended an airshow, amazed by both the pilots’ skill and the aircraft themselves, he made up his mind to become a fighter pilot. In 1998 Chris graduated from the Air Force Academy and served as a fighter pilot for the following 10 years. After retiring from the Air Force, he co-founded Operation Encore to give veterans a therapeutic outlet and to bridge the gap between civilians and those who have served.

Chris isn’t just a co-founder of Operation Encore, he’s also a musician in the project. His musical style is full of life, and the acoustic grunge rock sound has clear vocal influence from rock legends of the 80s and 90s. The song “Never Be the Same Again” inspires 90s nostalgia that is raw and high-energy.