About Brett cato

Brett was born in Ohio, but moved to a small town in Texas at an early age.  He began playing piano shortly thereafter and performed in recitals and concerts as he was growing up.  He began to write songs and also learned to play other musical instruments that included organ, trombone and drums.   He picked up guitar at age sixteen after having written several songs already and self-produced his first album at age nineteen. 

Having developed a love for the old planes and nostalgia of the WWII era, Brett joined the Air Force and became an Aircraft Loadmaster on C-141 Starlifter aircraft.  His duties carried him to the far reaches of the globe and his songwriting went with him, chronicling his experiences in Desert Storm and other conflicts.  His experiences with 9/11 and Operation Enduring Freedom  prompted him to write a song and co-produce a music video for the Air Force.   He is now a retired veteran having served 22 years active duty.

His inspirational compositional style was developed from listening to artists like Johnny Cash, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.  He also worked in chapel and church bands for several years and performed the Star Spangled Banner at military retirements.  His song "Love Me" is a ballad about relationships and struggles with post traumatic stress.  He began his own band in 2012 and currently performs in the Destin, Florida area.  Brett resides in the Florida Panhandle with his wife and five children and works as a Community Programs Specialist for the Air Force.