A folk musician based out of Utah, Andrew Wiscombe’s style has been referred to as foot-stompin’ street music. His live performances have been described as energetic and powerful as he uniquely showcases his musical talents in a one-man band fashion playing up to five instruments at once.

A Berklee trained songwriter, Andrew’s ability to clothe stories, words, and emotions in American roots music has received great praise from fans and critics alike. He has drawn many comparisons to some of the great contemporary songwriters/poets of our time. Whether singing through the eyes of a child, the hands of a hard-working family man (he is a happily married father of two boys) or through the scope of a sniper’s rifle (he is also a veteran of the US Army), Andrew has a story to share that will resonate with the most human parts of the listener. This comes through loud and clear on his contribution to Operation Encore, “The River, the Lark, the Pine,” an upbeat tune that is all about self-acceptance.